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Day 1: Build Structure by XHTML

After all preparation in Day 0, now it is time to construct semantic structure by XHTML.

When we are young, teachers always tell us the first priniciple of writing a good composition is structure. Today, building a website is just like writing a composition...

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Why Web Standards Design make all senses?

Not because Web Standard Design has deminated (yet?) top web designers' minds, but it just simply matches what I have learned from the fundamental Software Engineering principle...

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Construct in 7 Days

Snapshot of home pageThe project is trying to build my personal site by Web Stardard design in 7 steps. is my second personal website. It has started since 2006 Super Bowl Sunday. The goal of this site could be beyond my current wet-behind-the-ears web design ability, but it would be boring if everything could be done in one day. It is an on-going learning process and the principal goal is to practice the web standard design essence: separation of structure, presentation, and behavior. Inspired by many great and top web designers and their books, I am trying to develop my own site by seven steps.

Seven steps are:

  • Day 0: Preparation
  • Day 1: Build Structure by XHTML
  • Day 2: Style Presentation by CSS
  • Day 3: Construct Behavior by JavaScript & DOM
  • Day 4: Pass Accessibility Section 508
  • Day 5: Integrate Information and Data
  • Day 6: Go Dynamic
  • Day 7: Site Optimization

Current Odyssey

Snapshot of route 1, California
Stop at: San Jose, California. Learn more about my journey, please visit my Odyssey page.